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Friday 9 April 2021

Head Sounds of Sumatra

We end the week with some rather splendid modern psychedelic soul by Hello Benji & The Cobra. They hail from Medan in Indonesia, but other than that I know nothing about them. Even the connoisseurs at Record Crates United - who know a good sound when they hear it - don't seem to have any more info.

If you like these two tracks - and you should - help support the band by buying them from their Bandcamp page. 

"Anak Muda" - Hello Benji & The Cobra

"Ku Datang Kembali" - Hello Benji & The Cobra

Have a good weekend and make sure to come back on Monday as we will have some atonal avant-garde religious whistling courtesy of George (by which I mean it has been provided by rather than performed by George - although I only have his word for that). Until then, back to Benji and the boys to play us out.


  1. Some bands/musicians with interesting names disappoint musically. Not Benji, what a splendid racket, a sort of prog-psych. a bit lacking in the whistling department, though

    1. We will be tackling the whistling deficit on Monday, as you may be aware