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Wednesday 28 April 2021

Goat Roastin' Rebel Music

It has been a while since we had any country music on here. We'll put that right with a bit of Johnny Rodriguez.

Johnny was big in the 1970s, with six No. 1 country hits between 1973 and 1975, and continued charting regularly until the mid 1980s. He was the first Mexican-American to top the country charts, beating the great Freddy Fender to it by a couple of years.  

He sounds quite a character. He was discovered at the age of 18 by a prison warden, having been jailed for stealing and roasting a goat. He has been married three times to date, to a flight attendant, a hair salon owner and Willie Nelson's daughter. And then in 1998 he faced a murder charge after shooting a pal in his house in the mistaken belief they were a burglar. Pretty much the archetypal Good Ol' Boy.

"Pass Me By (If You're Only Passing Through)" - Johnny Rodriguez

"Ridin' My Thumb To Mexico" - Johnny Rodriguez 


  1. I know a goat herder in Portugal who will be upset by that heading!

    1. I assume the Portuguese authorities have a system in place that enables them to alert local farmers if Mr Rodriguez enters the country

  2. I wonder how long it took for Mr Rodrigues to perfect that looked of tortured, aching sentiment he shows in video.