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Friday 22 July 2022

Cheri On The Top

A bit of 90s Americana for you today courtesy of Cheri Knight and her album "The Northeast Kingdom". Released in 1998 it was her second and to date last album. Apparently she is a full-time flower farmer now (no, that isn't a euphemism).

The album was produced by The Twangtrust a.k.a. Steve Earle and Ray Kennedy. Steve was also in the band (that is him playing the harmonium on "Dar Glasgow") and they roped in a few of their mates like Emmylou Harris and Tammy Rogers to help out as well. 

All in all it is an excellent album and worth getting hold of if you can find a reasonably priced copy (which is not as easy as you might hope).

"Dar Glasgow" - Cheri Knight

"Sweetheart" - Cheri Knight

There is a track on the album called "Dead Man's Curve" - disappointingly not a twangy version of the Jan & Dean classic. I tried to find a decent quality video of Jan & Dean for you but there are only grainy muffled ones from 1980s reunion tours available on YouTube, so you are getting Nash The Slash instead.


  1. Also Amy's first husband on drums

  2. Who wouldn't like a song called Dar Glasgow?

  3. Nash The Slash has given me nightmares.