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Monday 11 July 2022

Jones Alone

That Charity Chic fellow is the king of series. He always has one or two of them on the go. One can only admire the level of organisation and commitment required to do that. I certainly can't manage it.

Anyway last Monday CC called time on a series that has been running since before the dawn of time, or possibly earlier, one which featured musical Joneses. I have found I am suffering from Jones withdrawal symptoms, and I suspect others may be too. So I have decided to step into the breech.

There is a twist though. While CC's series featured songs by people called Jones, I am going to be featuring songs about people called Jones. There are an awful lot of them - I found over 20 in my collection without having to look particularly hard. A fair few have appeared on these pages previously.

The other difference is that, unlike CC, I'm not going to try to keep this up for any length of time. You are getting Part 1 today and Part 2 next Monday, but that's all.

"Casey Jones" - Grateful Dead

"Willie And Laura Mae Jones" - Tony Joe White

"Will Bill Jones" - J.P. Harris

"John Jones" - Rudy Mills

"George Jones, Jack Daniels And Me" - Webb Foley

PS Since posting this I have spotted that the Vinyl Villian has had a very similar thought today, so if you pop over there you can get an mp3 to go with one of these videos. 


  1. It's hot here. That Tony Joe White track is the bifters!

  2. Parsley is lying down in some dust. George Jones has been described as The Voice of Country Music, but the same will never be said of Webb Foley

    1. You are obviously not familiar with George Jones's reply song "Me, Jim Beam and Webb Foley". Can't remember the whole thing but it starts "Me, Jim Beam and Webb Foley/ as trinities go we're unholy"

  3. Enjoying The Grateful Dead track. Only a little disappointed there's no 'steamin' and a-rollin''. Steve Perf