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Monday 4 July 2022

From Addis And Akwa Ibom

Some funky African sounds to start the week. The two tracks are not connected other than by the fact I picked both of them up on Bandcamp last week.

We start with Asnake Gebreyes, who was big on the Ethiopian scene back in the 1980s. Hear a blast of "Weyene Ajir" from his 1988 album "Ahadu" and you will immediately understand why. "Ahadu" can be found on the Ethiopiques label Bandcamp page, while elsewhere on the site you can find a recent reissue of his "Ethiopia Wedet Neshe" album. 

Etuk Ubong is a Nigerian trumpeter and bandleader born in Akwa Ibom State but now based in Lagos. I first came across his name when looking at the line-up for the Sines World Music Festival, which is taking place down the road from George at the end of the month. You can check him out here. Some of his stuff is a bit jazzy for my tastes, but this track from 2018 is a corker. 

"Weyene Ajir" - Asnake Gebreyes

"Black Debtors" - Etuk Ubong

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