Friday, 8 July 2022

Two From The Bush

You young people will remember Bush Tetras from the New York funky-post-punk scene of the early 1980s and starring the likes of Cynthia Sley on vocals and Pat Place (widely rumoured to be the love child of Peyton Place and Pat Pending) on guitar. 

They are apparently still going on and off but we are heading back to their heyday with a couple of their best known tunes. Even if you are physically unable to be funky they will make you want to strut your funkless stuff.

"Too Many Creeps" - Bush Tetras

"Can't Be Funky" - Bush Tetras


  1. Thought the video was going to be our Kate

    1. I went for the funky angle (and, at the risk of maligning members of the Wild Cherry, possibly also the creeps)