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Wednesday 31 August 2022

Cambodia Comes Back

After the Phnom-Penh-omenal (did you see what I did there?) response to the Ros Sereysothea track in my previous post I thought you lovely people deserved another one. You are also getting a song from her male equivalent, the King of Khmer Music himself - Mr Sinn Sisamouth. 

Sadly both of them "disappeared" during the Khmer Rouge genocide of the mid 1970s, along with nearly two million others.

On a happier note, doing this follow up post means I can play the other 1980s hit with Cambodia in the title. Dead Kennedys vs Kim Wilde, that's a heavyweight battle to rival Nirvana I vs Nirvana 2.

"ទៅ Surprise ម្តង (Tow Surprise Mtong)" - Ros Sereysothea

"Dance a Go Go" - Sinn Sisamouth


  1. Although I liked today's two tracks they are not a patch on the previous two. Can we expect any tracks from neighbouring countries? Or something from South Korea (especially as I consider myself something of an expert on a certain genre of South Korean tv programmes)?

    1. Not in the immediate future, but I do have some excellent Thai stuff that makes the Cambodians seem positively weedy. I will dig it out when I get a moment.

  2. Another couple of winners there, Ernie and thanks additionally for the Dead Kennedys/Kim Wilde soundclash.

    Inevitably, Ms. Wilde won fairly comfortably for the simple reason that, as a 10 year old, I didn't dream of one day marrying any of the Dead Kennedys.

    1. Those of us of an earlier vintage had similar hopes concerning Suzi Quatro (and still do)