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Wednesday 12 October 2022

Bobby Dazzler

We've not had any soul music on here for a while. It's time to put that right, and how better to do so than with the great Bobby Womack.

I recently picked up a copy of a compilation called "It's Party Time". It consists of two of his albums from the mid/late 1970s, "Home Is Where The Heart Is" (1976) and "Pieces" (1978), minus one track from "Home". I've already got both albums in download form, but decided it was worth paying the princely sum of £1 to have a physical copy.

"Home Is Where The Heart Is" is a great record. "Pieces" is a little patchy but it is still Bobby and he could weave gold from straw. Here is a track from each album.

"Home Is Where The Heart Is" - Bobby Womack

"When Love Begins Friendship Ends" - Bobby Womack

Ten years ago next month I was lucky enough to see Bobby play live in London. The first set was a run through his recently released "Bravest Man In The Universe" album with the likes of that Damon from Blur. 

That was pretty good, but for the second set he brought out his own band and they did the proper show. We were completely blown away - as you will be when you watch this 15 minute extract from that gig. Apologies for the slightly ropey quality. 

You would never have known that night that Bobby was in remission from cancer and showing early signs of Alzheimers. Sadly he was taken from us just 18 months later. 

Continue to RIP Mr Womack. And RIP Angela Lansbury too.


  1. Straight up marvellous. Thank you!

  2. £1? Charity Chic will be jealous. I know I am.

    1. I actually found it in the bargain bin of a record shop. I'm not sure whether CC goes into such places - or if he does maybe he uses the pseudonym Record Chic?

  3. Distinct lack of bargain bins in the few record shops I frequent.

  4. I thought bargain bins went out with the 3 day week.