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Wednesday 5 October 2022

From Dundee To The Great Beyond

This post comes in two parts, one happy and one sad.

The first, happy part commemorates George's recent triumphant return to Dundee after an absence of ten years. To mark the event here are a couple of tunes from his fellow Dundonians Spare Snare. I doubt he would have seen them while he was visiting as I don't think they have left their bedrooms since 1995.

Both today's tracks come from their 1998 album "Animals And Me", which is currently available to download for a bargain £3 on Bandcamp (as are many of their other albums).

"We Are The Snare" - Spare Snare

"I Feel The Sun, And It's Mine" - Spare Snare 

On to the sad part. Loretta Lynn left us yesterday at the tender age of 90 and will be sorely missed. She really was a force of nature. RIP Ms Lynn.

There is a connection of sorts between the two events, in that when I first saw the title of Loretta Lynn's "Fist City" I assumed it told the tale of her own visit to Dundee. Turned out I was wrong.


  1. Sad news about Loretta
    I'll maybe post something when I'm back from my travels

  2. A new band to me Ernie. I would like to take this opportunity to make three observations of my fellow Dundonians: they are an unhealthy-looking lot, I was disappointed by the lack of moustaches, and I was even more saddened that bar-tenders do not know what a John Panton is.

    1. Sorry to hear the old place has gone downhill since you left.

  3. After The Fire Has Gone is probably the best song I will hear today

  4. Ain't No Time to Go is a terrific song.

  5. Late on this but first heard We Are The Snare circa '98 (Peel obviously) and became obsessed with it for a while - still play it fair bit which (cliche alert) they say is the mark of a good song.