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Friday 21 October 2022

Wounded Women

I was listening to the title track of Sandra Wright's "Wounded Woman" album when the news broke yesterday lunchtime that Liz Truss was resigning as Prime Minister. 

I think it was a coincidence, but just in case I had somehow acquired predictive powers I turned the album off before it reached "I Come Running Back" so that her equally execrable predecessor wouldn't hear it.

If you feel the need for some Seventies soul to help soothe the stresses of the poo parade that passes for Westminster politics at the moment, then I would heartily recommend "Wounded Woman". The whole album is a joy from start to finish. 

"Wounded Woman" - Sandra Wright

"I Come Running Back" - Sandra Wright


  1. Given these astounding abilities to change the course of events simply by playing a tune, can you give that well known song "Fuck off back to the Dominican Republic disgraced former PM Johnson" an airing?

  2. I've not heard either of those Sandra Wright tunes before. I only had one song of hers in the hard-drive until today. Anyway, I liked Wounded Woman a lot.

    Wounding, however, is far too lenient a punishment for any of this shower. 'Orf with their heads, the lot of them.

  3. Where's Single Song Sunday?????

    1. Not here, same as roughly 45 other Sundays every year

    2. And that is taking longer than it used to because I'm having to invent fictitious bands like Stitched Back Foot Airman to make it more different for myself to work out the clues.