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Monday 24 October 2022

The Sounds Of Sherwood

Another new album to tell you about today.

I know there are a fair few Adrian Sherwood fans among our regular readers so they may already be familiar with "Adrian Sherwood Presents Dub No Frontiers", on which he teams up with female vocalists from various parts of Africa, Asia and Europe. It has been a long time in the making - I have found references online to its impending release dating back as far as 2011.

If you haven't heard it already head over to Mr Sherwood's Bandcamp page. My favourite tracks include those by Saba Tewelde, from Eritrea but now resident in Germany, and Maria Wenda from West Papua. But they are all good.

Today's selections come from an On-U compilation of an earlier vintage - 25 years ago to be precise. "15 Years In An Open Boat" came out in 1997 and as the name suggests features tracks going way back to 1982. I have handpicked a pair of Little gems for you.

"I Think Of You" - Little Annie

"New Song" - Little Roy

Here is the video for the first single off the new album.


  1. I thought this would be a load of old bobbins but on playing the video I've opened the bandcamp page, to play the album. Some of that Ryanair compensation might be spent on this! You're not quite forgiven for the lack of single song sunday, by the way.

    1. Not you as well. It is bad enough with that bloody goat banging on about it.

  2. Dub No Frontiers is on my list for Bandcamp Friday. Thanks for the Little gems too: I've got the 12" single of I Think Of You, which gets an regular airing at Casa K.

    Thinking of your Single Song Sunday series and the mandatory reggae version, have you heard Little Roy's 2011 album, Battle For Seattle, produced by Prince Fatty? Ten Nirvana classics, including Lithium which I've only just discovered he performed on Jools Holland's show back in the day

    1. I don't have the album but did download "Lithium" after watching him do it live about five years ago