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Monday 6 March 2023

Hippies And Poppies

Four songs linked in three pairs today - two Molinas, two hippies and two poppies (Les Fleurs De Pavot means "the poppy flowers" in French as I am sure you know).

CCR will need no introduction, the others may. Les Fleurs were a short-lived French garage band from the late 1960s. Nicolás Molina hails from Castillos in Uruguay. This track is from his 2019 album "Querencia" and clocks in at over nine minutes for you long song fans. 

"Querencia" is available on a 'name your own price' deal from Bandcamp. Also available on Bandcamp is Kalbells' 2021 album "Max Heart", one of my favourite albums of that year and much plugged here at the time.

"Molina" - Creedence Clearwater Revival 

"Los Ultimos Hippies del Verano" - Nicolás Molina 

"Hippies Nous Voila" - Les Fleurs Des Pavot

"Poppy Tree" - Kalbells

And now, more Kalbells!


  1. Thank you. You just made me go on a big google search to ascertain the difference between kalbells and cowbells. Like I've not got anything better to do on a Monday morning.

    1. Apologies. It was just a silly play on words, it did not occur to me that it would have real-life consequences with a potentially damaging impact on young people's education. I will be more careful in future.