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Monday 13 March 2023

They Are The Mirror Men

While I was in Cape Town recently I picked up a CD reissue of the first two albums by local lads Falling Mirror - "Zen Boulders" (1979) and "The Storming Of The Loft" (1980).

Falling Mirror were two cousins, Allan Faull and Neilen Marais (a.k.a. Neilen Mirror), aided and abetted by South African Svengali producer Tully McCully and the occasional hired hand. Their series of albums in the first half of the 1980s stood out as being more interesting than most of the local scene at the time.

We have a track apiece from both albums for you together with their biggest (and I think only) hit - the title track from their 1986 concept album about a man hooked on prescription drugs who has an unhealthy obsession with the counter assistant at his local pharmacy. Based on a true story apparently (and alarmingly). 

"Archie & Juggie Went Down To The Store" - Falling Mirror

"I Wish I Was A Purple Door" - Falling Mirror

"Johnny Calls The Chemist" - Falling Mirror 

I can't find any Falling Mirror videos on YouTube so here are some other mirrors of a similar vintage instead.


  1. There's a glaswegian blogger who has a tale of his friends, Dollar, and a pub in Shawfield. But he's off on his holidays again so he can't tell you.

    That 2nd track is quite the prog!

    1. Some of their stuff is a bit reminiscent of the 'prog lite' sounds of Be Bop Deluxe etc.

      I will accost the Glaswegian blogger on his return and demand to hear the story.