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Wednesday 15 March 2023

Kingston Cowboys

Today we feature a magnificent seven reggae artists who chose to name themselves after screen cowboys. "Why?", I hear you ask. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

You have to concede that their respective nom de plumes sound much more impressive than Norval Headley,  Anthony Waldron, Devon Perkins, Gregory Williams, Joseph Sterling and the brothers Robert and Wade Brammer, to give them their real names.

"Call The Police" - John Wayne

"Fish Tea" - Lone Ranger

"Spot And Beat The Banker" - Lee Van Cleef

"Poco Man Jam" - Gregory Peck

"Nice Up The Dance" - Josey Wales

"Caroline" - Clint Eastwood

"Midnight Cowboy" - Trinity


  1. I couldn't work out why I'd never bumped into Gregory Peck on my travels, but on listening to the track I can tell he's probably a little after my time. A nice selection of tunes, from which my pick would be Fish Tea.