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Friday 31 March 2023

You Better You Bette

It has been a fair while since we have had some soul music on here, so we are putting that right by featuring one Bette Williams. There seems to be virtually no information about Bette on the internet apart from the claim that she hailed from Baltimore - even the all-knowing soul guru Sir Shambling seems stumped. 

She was a protege of Swamp Dogg who in 1971 wrote and produced her only album - "He Took My Hand" - and a few singles, after which Bette seems to have pretty much disappeared. The album has been reissued but you might find it easier to track down the Ace label compilation "Swamp Dogg's Southern Soul Girls" which includes most of the tracks and some fine stuff by Sandra Phillips.

"He Took My Hand" - Bette Williams

"Now That I'm Gone (When Are You Leaving?)" - Bette Williams

Here's the song by The Who that inspired the title of this post. Tune in again on Monday for a sort of follow-up. In the meantime, have a fab and groovy weekend.


  1. Excellent stuff Ernie.I do like a bit of Southern Soul.

  2. Now That I'm Gone (When Are You Leaving?) is a great title. Would make an excellent ghost story.