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Monday 17 April 2023

Echoes Down The Years

I have spent large parts of the last week or so writing a long and tedious report for a client, as a result of which my waffling wells appear to have run dry. So instead of the usual paragraphs of prattle and piffle, we are going to get straight down to business.

Here are two tracks from Dub Syndicate's 1993 album, "Echomania". The eagle-eared among you will spot Lee 'Scratch' Perry on the first one.

"Dubbing Psycho Thriller" - Dub Syndicate

"Rock Back" - Dub Syndicate

1 comment:

  1. Superb selection of songs and visuals, Ernie, which also got me picking out some beautiful dub sounds from the Echo Beach label this week. Thank you!