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Wednesday 5 April 2023

The Bits Lambchop Chopped

I recently picked up a job lot of CDs for 20p a piece - a nearby record shop was virtually giving them away because they had lost the covers. Among them was "I Hope You're Sitting Down", the 1994 debut album by Lambchop.

I had never heard the album previously - like many people I only really became aware of the band when "Nixon" came out in 2000 - so it was interesting to compare it with what I knew of their later stuff. 

There was a lot that sounded familiar, but also some hunts of choices not taken and paths not travelled. Like these two tracks, on which they sound like a slightly weedy garage band using parping horns as a rhythm section. I like them. See what you think.

"Hellmouth" - Lambchop

"So, I Hear You're Moving" - Lambchop

I'll leave you with some more from 94. I'm heading off to listen to my CD collection of Bob Marley.


  1. Looking forward to hearing more from this bargain haul

    1. Highlights of those I have listened to so far as 'Write About Love' by Belle & Sebastian - for which I would happily have paid 10 x 20p or even more - and 'All The Road Running' by Emmylou and Mark Knopfler. A polymath like you may already be familiar with both.

    2. I am indeed.The second one is a huge favourite of Mrs CC

    3. Mrs CC is a woman of taste and distinction, as evidenced by her choice of husband.

  2. I knew I had 2 of their albums, I've just discovered that this is one of them!

  3. 20p? I'd have been torn though, since I hate to buy CDs without sleeves. Lambchop are great. Especially with mint sauce. (Just thought I'd throw that in before anyone else does.)

  4. I could've sworn that I knew (and indeed once owned) "I Hope You're Sitting Down", but neither of these tracks are ringing any bells at all. I enjoyed them both though.