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Monday 24 April 2023

The Devil Made Me Do It

I have mentioned previously here how I acquired a job lot of CDs that were being offered for 20p each just because the covers were missing. One was in fact two CDs which between them contained the complete recorded works of Robert Johnson. 

It was certainly a better deal than the one he was supposed to have struck at the Crossroads Motel all those years ago. A deal that meant he forfeited any chance he had to take possession over Judgement Day. I can only speculate but maybe the stones in his passageway were part of the deal as well. Very painful.  

"If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day" - Robert Johnson

"Stones In My Passageway" - Robert Johnson


  1. Stones in your passageway can be painful

  2. At the Crossroads Motel - very funny. I have a 'post pending' about Robert Johnson as he's popped up in chapter one of two different books I've read recently. He kick started so much it seems.

    1. Yes, rather like Hank Williams did for country music. He only recorded about 35 songs but a large number of them have become blues standards.

      And I reckon even the devil would think twice before taking on Noele Gordon.

    2. Ha ha - having watched the recent tv drama about her I think you're right.