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Monday 15 April 2024

Baltic Sewage And Funk

Last Thursday evening I was perched in the rafters of the Tamsta Club in Vilnius enjoying the musical stylings of local four-piece Kanalizacija (the Lithuanian word for sewage). They have a conventional line-up - guitar, drums, baritone sax and tuba - but don't let it constrain them.

The lads describe their style as "experimental rock with academic and country music sounds and free jazz moments", but I suspect by 'country' they mean 'trad. arr.'. There were a couple of numbers that sounded like they might be souped up folk tunes, but nothing that Don Williams could croon along to.

I enjoyed the gig but it isn't the sort of thing I'm likely to listen to much at home. If you think you might then head over to Bandcamp and check out their back catalogue.  

The next morning I had a bit of free time and so was able to combine a stroll around the lovely Old Town with a visit to Muzikumas record store. Prices were too high for my usual 'hit and hope' approach to acquiring local music so I settled for an album by what the proprietor assured me are Lithuania's leading funk ensemble. The band is called Gin'Gas, the album "O Kas, Jeigu Aš" and it came out in 2017. See what you think.

"Rubber" - Kanalizacija 

"Užupio Himnas" - Gin'Gas


  1. ""experimental rock with academic and country music sounds and free jazz moment"
    I am almost excited to listen to this, especially after the disappointment of the funk track you posted

    1. Yes, Gin'Gas were OK but no more than that. If they are the best on offer according to the proprietor I might scrap my plans for a deep dive into Lithuanian funk

  2. I do like the track Teenage Hang Out. At the start I could hear a King Crimson influence, which did not last, but nevertheless I did enjoy the song. Probably the best tuba tune of the day!

  3. *Shudders at the thought of "academic" music.*