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Friday 19 April 2024

Repayment Plan

Just a quick post today as I am a busy bee floating from tree to tree in an effort to get everything sorted before I head off to Cape Town for the second time this year tomorrow.

I don't normally go this frequently but some gullible fool lovely person is paying to fly me there and back for one day's work, and it would seem rude not to stay on a bit longer to hang out with my dear old Mum and assorted other relatives. I'll be back on here at the end of the month. 

On to the music. I've recently been listening to some of my vintage On-U compilations. Here are just two of the many highlights from Volume 3 of their intermittent "Pay It All Back" series which dates from 1991. 

"Heart's Desire" - The Strange Parcels

"Jacob's Pillow" - Jesse Rae

I'll leave you with some more Jesse - the man himself with his greatest hit as a performer, then Odyssey with his greatest hit as a songwriter. 

See you soon. Until then, stay groovy.


  1. An international man of mystery!

  2. Not only are you a world traveler par excellence, but if you carry on like this you'll have more holidays than CC!

  3. Have a great time away, sounds like you've bagged yourself a bargain there!