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Saturday 20 November 2010

Singles Club

This is the latest in our irregular series of highlights from my singles collection. These selections come from the period 1975 to 1983, which gives you a pretty good idea of when I stopped buying singles on a regular basis.

There is something for everyone here. As long as everyone likes either post-punk, post-punk-funk, pop-jazz, overhyped but underrated glam rock, disco versions of songs by the Animals or reggae versions of songs by Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme.

"I Just Want To Stay Here (And Love You)" - Derrick & Paulette (1975)

"House Of The Rising Sun/ Quasimodo Suite" - Santa Esmeralda (1977)

"Danger Signs" - Penetration (1979)

"The Devil Lives In My Husband's Body" - Pulsallama (1982)

"Passion Killer" - One The Juggler (1983)

"Native Boy" - Animal Nightlife (1983)

Santa Esmeralda were attempting to repeat a trick, having previously scored a major hit with another Animals cover version. This one.

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