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Tuesday 30 November 2010

Twinkle Time

I was in Copenhagen yesterday and managed to find time in between appointments to visit a couple of record shops and invest in a bundle of Danish delights. So look out for future posts featuring such luminaries as Kliche, Kashmir, Pocket-Size, Den Lille Prins and Starfuckers.

Adverse Easyjet conditions meant that my return journey was rather prolonged. Now, there are worse places to be stuck for seven hours than Copenhagen Airport. And a snow-coated Stansted Airport has a certain charm at 3am - it is also remarkably efficient when it only has to deal with one plane at a time. Nonetheless, I was feeling a little jaded by the time I got home at 5am, with four hours to go until my next meeting.

You know me as a man of impeccable taste, as indeed I am. Tsonga Disco, Thai funk and Swedish folky trip hoppy sort of stuff are the bread and butter of my musical collection. But sometimes there is just no substitute for the restorative powers of Essex.

"Hold Me Close" - David Essex

"Cool Out Tonight" - David Essex

Even when he is dressed up as a bad Bryan Ferry impersonator he can't help but twinkle.

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