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Sunday 28 November 2010

Swedes On Sunday

We finish off this week's whistle-stop world tour in Sweden, with something ancient and modern. DJ Embee of the Loop Troop Rockers - not an ensemble whose work I am familiar with, I'm afraid - has teamed up with folk singer Esmeralda Moberg to perform poems written by his Dad, Roger Bergkvist, in a folk-tinged trip hop style. The resulting album is called Skuggpoeten, and it is out now.

The combination is occasionally a little soporific, but when it works it works extremely well. As these two examples demonstrate.

"Stad Vriden At Soder" - Skuggpoeten

"Kvarnforsen" - Skuggpoeten

Can anyone think of other Swedish groups that have successfully combined beats with more ethnic sounds? Oh yes...

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  1. New to your blog via Keep The Coffee....

    Give a listen to Väsen - a Swedish Folk group that certainly doesn't limit themselves to being a "folk group".