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Wednesday 10 November 2010

Tsonga Disco: Malulektro

As explained in my previous post, there are three distinct camps among current Tsonga Disco artistes: the traditionalists, the groovy disco dudes, and the more experimental electro types. George Maluleke is normally considered to be firmly in the first camp - for an example listen to the two tracks included in my post about him in April.

But these are interesting times. George did not get to be at the top of the Tsonga disco heap for so many years without knowing a thing or two about pleasing a crowd, and so in recent times has started including a few electro remixes with his albums and/or adding those remixes to reissues of some of his earlier albums. I am not entirely sure which is which as I have not been able to establish the original release dates.

Fans of the Shangaan Disco compilation album might particularly want to check out "Xirhandza Thyaka Remix" which is available to download from Amazon and elsewhere, together with a number of his other albums. As the title rather gives away, it is a remix of George's "Xirhandza Thyaka" album. That was his 17th album, and he is know on his 25th or 26th, so the original presumably came out in the early years of the millenium. My guess is that the remix is much more recent.

You certainly wouldn't recognise these tracks as being by George Maluleke, not least because his vocals have been completely removed.

"Swa Humelela Remix" - George Maluleke (from "Uhundukile Mavala")

"Basimbilu Remix" - George Maluleke (from "Xirhandza Thyaka Remix")

Speaking of the Shangaan Electro compilation as we were, here is a video featuring the Tshetsha Boys. And a whole lotta shakin' going on.

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