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Thursday 16 June 2011

Guinea Gold

I have a copy of a compilation album of music from Guinea, released on SonoAfrica last year. The version I have is called "Guinee Compil: Rendezvous", and the sleeve notes etc are all in French. When you stick it into the Gracenotes thingy it comes up as "Guinea Vibrations", but the track listing is the same. Presumably it was issued under different names in different territories.

Whatever it is called it is well worth checking out. There are some familiar names on there, the likes of Mory Kante and Fode Baro. But most of them were new to me, and a very high proportion of them are very good indeed. Here are a couple of examples.

"Sokho" - Fode Kouyate

"Nnakaman" - Mory Djeli

Here is Mory Djeli and his mates in action near what appears to be a hotel swimming pool.

And here is Fode Kouyate in the gardens of a different hotel with some lovely ladies. When they get together with the lads in Mory's video it must be party time.

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