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Saturday 4 June 2011

Happy Days

We interrupt our normal programming to bring you what is essentially a dedication. Earlier this evening I had an excellent time with a couple of old pals: Steve, who I haven't seen for between three and five years, and Chris, who I haven't seen for a quarter of a century. I know what you are thinking - how can someone who is evidently so young and hip have known anyone for 25 years, let alone not seen them for that length of time. Well, kindergarten can be a formative experience, and the bonds remain strong.

Today's selection is for Chris. He may understand the significance of each track. Then again he may have forgotten. We'll find out.

"Let The World Wash In" - I Luv Wight

"Whips & Furs" - The Vibrators

"Shirley" - John Fred & His Playboys

"Amsterdam" - John Cale

"This Liberal Love" - Microdisney

And in case Steve is feeling overlooked, today's clips are for him.


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