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Tuesday 17 April 2012

Big In Bangor

Dave Edmunds had his 68th birthday on Sunday. Let's celebrate with a bit of what he does best.

"Crawling From The Wreckage" - Dave Edmunds

"I Knew The Bride" - Dave Edmunds

Some folks may consider this blasphemous but, even though Nick Lowe wrote it and Rockpile probably played on both records, I have always preferred Dave's version of "I Knew The Bride". It's better for dancing. But for those of you who feel otherwise, or just want a chance to compare, here's Nick.

I am off to see Dave Alvin on Friday and there is a link between the two Daves (apart from them both being called Dave). In 1970 the Edmunds produced the first album by a little known rock 'n roll singer. Ten years later that singer had his first top twenty hit with an Alvin song. The song was "Marie, Marie". The singer was, of course, Dave Edmunds' rival for the title Greatest Living Welshman, Lord Shakin' of Stevens. Here he is.


  1. Graham Parker wrote 'Crawling' ... I think Dave's version appeared as a hidden track on a Stiff Records compilation LP way back in the day. Also, GP was part of Dave's Rock'n'Roll Revue that toured in 1990. As for who wrote I Knew the Bride, Chuck Berry wrote 3 of the chords, and Nick added another.
    thanks for recognizing DE!