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Sunday 15 April 2012

Marxism Today

After yesterday's Shangaan special we'll head north and hop over the border to Zimbabwe.

The Marxist Brothers were one of the leaders of Zimbabwe's rhumba scene in the 1980s. Comprised of brothers Simon, Naison, Allan, and Brian Chimbetu, the band scored a string of hits characterized by the harmonies of Simon and Naison. The band split up in the mid 1990s, with both Simon and Naison pursuing solo careers. Sadly both of them died within a year of each other in 2005/06.

However the Chimbetu name lives on through Simon's son Sulu and Naison's son Tryson (that is an awful lot of "son"s in such quick succession). Tryson has revived the old Marxist Brothers name for has backing band, and his debut album "Marxist Revival" came out in 2008. He is very much a chip off the old block.

Here are a couple of mid 1980s tracks from the original line-up, followed by a couple from the Tryson generation. Who do you prefer?

"Sekuyo Ndipeiwo Zano" - Marxist Brothers

"Mari" - Marxist Brothers

"Nokutenda Nei?" - Tryson Chimbetu & Marxist Brothers

"Shirikadzi Blend" - Tryson Chimbetu & Marxist Brothers

And here are the brothers back in their prime.

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