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Tuesday 10 April 2012


Afternoon All. I am back from Cape Town, and as promised have come back laden down with Tsonga Disco CDs. We have new material from familiar favourites like Joe Shirimani, Madlaks and George Maluleke; we have filled some gaps in the back catalogues of old friends like Penny Penny, General Muzka and Paul Ndlovu; and we have quite a few brand new names for you as well.

All of that will be coming over the next few weeks and months. But to get this show back on the road, here is one we prepared earlier - five very nice cover versions of Percy Sledge originals.

"True Love Travels On A Gravel Road" - Nick Lowe

"Sudden Stop" - Kelly Hogan & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts

"Take Time To Know Him" - Tommie Young

"Warm And Tender Love" - Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell

"I'll Be Your Everything" - George Soule

That last one is a bit of a cheat as George Soule wrote the song. However, he did not get around to recording it until 2006 for his "Take A Ride" album. George does a nifty version but Percy's original is one of the most magnificent records I have ever heard, and well worth adding as a bonus for you.

"I'll Be Your Everything" - Percy Sledge

Sticking with soul standards, here is one of the more bizarre duets you are ever likely to see. Lou was apparently about 43rd choice for the job, just behind Tiny Tim and Bobby 'Boris' Pickett, neither of whom were available on the day.

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