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Tuesday 12 June 2012

Durban Drop-Outs

I know what you're thinking: this self-indulgent rambling about Kelly Hogan and festivals and the like is all very well, but when are we going to get some South African psychedelia? Well, think no more.

The Third Eye were from Durban and the core members were brother and sister Ronnie and Dawn Selby (on guitar and organ respectively) and singer and main songwriter Maurice Saul. They bashed out three albums in eighteen months in 1969-70, which are now available on a double CD on Fresh Music in South Africa, who have a fantastic catalogue of vintage SA rock. Here is one from each album.

"Snow Child" - The Third Eye (from "Awakening", 1969)

"Retain Your Half-Ticket" - The Third Eye (from "Searching", 1969)

"Brother" - The Third Eye (from "Brother", 1970)

Other highlights include a rollicking good version of this old standard.

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