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Saturday 16 June 2012

Papa Penny's New Direction

It's our old friend Eric Nkovani, better known to us all as Penny Penny, one of the greats of Tsonga music with over 30 albums to his credit. Last year he released "Mhani Wa Nkoka" which, in a radical new career direction, moved away from the usual Shangaan Disco to something he calls "Shangani Jazz".  The reason for this change of tack, according to an interview he gave to The Sowetan, is that "I am not getting any younger".

Personally I think that is no excuse for jazz. But fear not, it isn't really jazz at all. Most of it is a more mellow take on his usual style, while "Boer Is A Boer" is a sort of country-soul number in which he warns against every trusting Afrikaners. On the whole I prefer his disco stuff, but this is not at all bad.

"Rose" - Penny Penny

"Boer Is A Boer" - Penny Penny

Speaking of Erics, here is the recently deceased Eric Charden back in 1968 with some funky Frenchness.

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