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Monday 18 June 2012

Gee, Gigi!

We are having a run of people so good they renamed themselves twice. Following Penny Penny (real name Eric Nkovani) we have Gigi (real name Ejigayehu Shibabaw).

Gigi is an Ethiopian chanteuse who got her big break with her eponymous 2001 album which was produced by Bill Laswell, who she later married. Bill got some of his arty jazz mates involved, no doubt to add some "textures" to Gigi's sound. For me this backfired. Ethiopian music is wonderfully wonky by nature; tinkering with it on this occasion made it a bit more bland.

That said, "Gigi" is not a bad album. But I much prefer her 1998 album "One Ethiopia". Here are a couple of tracks from that record.

"Adey Abeba" - Gigi

"Gera Geru" - Gigi

As a bonus, here are some GeeGees of a different order.

"The Horse" - Cliff Nobles & Co

"Is Horse" - Explainer


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