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Thursday 28 June 2012

Tsonga and Tsepo

Today's post is dedicated to Anna and Sebastian, the taste-makers and toe-tappers responsible for the High Life club night in Stockholm. Find out more about what they are up to over at their blog (it will help if you speak Swedish or at least have a phrasebook to hand).

We start with a couple from our old friend George Maluleke, one of the founding fathers of Tsonga Disco. These come from his 27th album, "Magolongwani", which came out last year. His albums can on occasion be a bit patchy, but he is on top form on this one. The whole thing is available to download on Amazon (at least in the UK).

"Kuteka" - George Maluleke & Va'Wana'ti Sisters

"Xiavi" - George Maluleke & Va'Wana'ti Sisters

For an extra treat, here is the Lesotho legend Tsepo Tshola, known to his friends and admirers as The Village Pope. Tsepo made his name as the leader of Sankomota but these are from his 2002 solo album "A New Dawn". Listening to them, you don't have to be a genius to spot that Hugh Masekela was heavily involved.

"Indlala" - Tsepo Tshola

"Nonyana" - Tsepo Tshola

I typed "Anna Sebastian" into YouTube in the hope of finding some samples of our Swedish friends' work and this came up first. I suspect the two are unrelated.

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