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Saturday 30 June 2012

Reed Music

In a couple of hours' time I am heading off to Norfolk for a week for a gathering of Gogginses. I am packed and ready to go, so you could say that I was eastbound and down, loaded up and soon to be trucking.

"East Bound And Down" - Jerry Reed

To tide you over until I return, here are some other members of the Reed family. It is a pretty soulful selection, even creepy Uncle Lou who shows - despite his notorious massacring of "Soul Man" - that he can be pretty soulful when he puts his mind to it.

"Top Notch Grade A" - Al Reed

"The Time Is Right For Love" - Bobby Reed

"Keep On Loving Me" - Dalton Reed

"Big Boss Man" - Jimmy Reed

"A Gift" - Lou Reed

Now normally when I go on my hols I get us all in the mood with a bit of DJ Sven & MC Miker G. But I'm going to try something different this time in the hope that it will enduce the sun to come out. I'll be singing along but replacing the islands with the towns of the Norfolk Riviera. Goodbye "Aruba, Jamaica", hello "Sheringham, Cromer..."

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