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Wednesday 8 April 2020

John Prine RIP

I woke up this morning to the sad news that John Prine isn't going to wake up this morning. I have been a fan of his ever since I saw him play an unscheduled short set at the Cambridge Folk Festival way back in 1980.

Today's first selection picks itself. The second is possibly my personal favourite John Prine song. It's at the head of a very long list though. RIP Mr Prine.

"Please Don't Bury Me" - John Prine

"Lake Marie" - John Prine


  1. Saddest news in a year of sad news. Along with the late, great Steve Goodman, John wrote and sang my favourite ever song "Souvenirs". I'll be playing a lot of Mr Prine's songs today and tomorrow and the days after that.

    RIP John Prine.

  2. Very sad news. I saw him play a wonderful set at the same festival some time in the very early 2000's.

  3. Sad news indeed Ernie
    I shall be putting up a post later today