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Sunday 12 April 2020

Tsonga Tsunday

Long-standing readers may remember that once upon a time we had a mission round here. It was to bring Tsonga Disco to the masses. We abandoned it a long time ago in a grubby chase for higher ratings, but every now and then I feel a twinge of conscience and I remember the man I used to be.

Which is a melodramatic way of saying that we have some newish Tsonga music for you today, courtesy of SLT Records. The label was set up by one Sheggie QT, a performer/producer originally from Tzaneen in South Africa's Limpopo Province (where the bulk of the Tsonga or Shangaan people are to be found).

I'm not sure all the artists on the label are Shangaan, but I reckon the two D-men and Navetisa definitely are. Durro Durro in particular has that distinctive Tsonga Tsound.

"Bulula Lawa" - Durro Durro

"Huku Vayi Dlaya Hixisuti" - Dunuza

"Nlava Swa Matolo" - Queen Nghunyuta

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