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Thursday 2 April 2020

There's Afous Loose...

I mentioned at the weekend that I had bagged a couple of fantastic albums from the Sahel Sound label. Today you are getting a selection from the second one.

Afous d'Afous - so good they named them twice - hail from southern Algeria. Their album "Tenere" came out in 2017 and it's... well, see for yourselves.

"Nak Amahah" - Afous d'Afous

"Tarhanine Tegla" - Afous d'Afous

Elderly Caledonian readers may recognise the title of today's post as a reference to the old standard "Hoots Mon" by Lord Rockingham's XI. Unfortunately I can't find a video of them performing it live, but we have something just as good instead. First, though, a word from our sponsor.


  1. Jimmy Shand - Auchtermuchty's finest!

    1. The very first time Jo came to Scotland with me I took her to Auchtermuchty to see Sir Jimmy's statue. Rather surprisingly she did not know who he was!
      AT the end of the video the song seems to veer quite close to the "Aunty Mary had a canary up the leg o' her drawers"

  2. your two Afous d'Afous tracks are very very good.