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Monday 6 April 2020

The Long Goodbye: Part 7

Our tour of the European Union has been on hold for a while - think of it as the aural equivalent of a 14 days quarantine period - but we're back with a bang. You are in for a very special treat today.

One of my favourite new(ish) artists has very graciously accepted my offer to guest host the blog on this leg of the journey. So, without any further ado, let's hand the controls over to her:

"I am delighted to welcome you on a musical tour of Denmark. 

Let me introduce myself properly: I am Asthmatic Harp, a Danish singer-songwriter based in Glasgow. My new indie-folk single Bird of Paradise had its premiere here on the blog just a couple of weeks ago. 

I can’t give you a tour of Denmark without first mentioning the composer Carl Nielsen. In Denmark many of his songs have become an integral part of the national heritage. During my years singing in the Children's Choir of the Royal Danish Academy of Music it was always the Carl Nielsen songs that seemed to bring out the most tears in the audiences' eyes.  

My personal favourite is called 'Som en Rejselysten Flåde'. The flow of the melody reminds me of salty, wind swept summer days by the sea. 

Som en Rejselysten Flåde” - The Children's Choir of the Royal Danish Academy of Music

Moving on, here's Denmark’s Grandmother of Electronic Music: Else Marie Pade. A real pioneer! Start by listening to ‘Lyd og Lys’ (Sound and Light).  

"Lyd og Lys" - Else Marie Pade

Efterklang is one of my favourite Danish bands. The art-rock ensemble produces music that is both intimate and magnificently orchestral at the same time. I am sure that you will soon be listening to ‘Modern Drift’ on repeat.

"Modern Drift" - Efterklang

I wouldn't want to let you miss out on a good old classic from the Danish Peace & Love era. ‘Herfra Hvor Vi Står’ is a song by the duo Skousen & Ingemann. They are the real deal! 

"Herfra Hvor Vi Står" - Skousen & Ingemann

Kim Larsen was a real darling in Danish pop/rock music known for his big mouth and catchy tunes. One of his most famous songs is ‘Midt on Natten’.

"Midt on Natten" - Kim Larsen

Finally, I wanted to introduce you to a relatively new artist crush on the Danish music scene. Listen to Katinka and her track: ‘Vi Er Ikke Kønne Nok Til At Danse’ (We are not pretty enough to be dancing)." 

"Vi Er Ikke Konne Nok Til At Danse" - Katinka

Ernie here. Many thanks to Asthmatic Harp for that excellent, eclectic selection. Even more thanks are due because she has kindly shared her brand new video, released just yesterday. It's a lovely cover of My Brightest Diamond's "I Have Never Loved Someone The Way I Love You". The best way you can show your appreciation is to head over to her website and buy stuff. Now!!!

I chose the other videos myself. I mention that because I feel I should take full responsibility for Dr. Phil.

We'll be back soon with Estonia, for which the redoubtable George has played a blinder. In the meantime, if any members of Hanoi Rocks or Lordi want to help out when we get to Finland, please get in touch.


  1. Ernie Goggins -Friend of the Stars

  2. Ms Harp saved the best til last. That Dr. Phil video with the danish children's Pans People tribute act was ridiculous

    1. One wonders what warped mind came up with the idea of dressing a man in a caterpillar costume while a line of children do jazz hands. Possibly an early Lars von Trier experimental piece?

  3. The Dr Phil video - wow! Knocks TOTP into a cocked hat!