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Friday 10 April 2020

New Music Alert

Good morning, Zeitgeisters! Thanks for dropping by.

The subtle clue in the title may have alerted you that we have some new music to bring to your attention.

First up is an old friend of the blog, Lesley Barth, who we previously featured about 18 months ago. Lesley has a new album out in May called "Big Time Baby" and the lead single, "Woman Looking Back At Me", was released yesterday. You can buy the single and pre-order the album from her Bandcamp page. You should do both.

"Big Time Baby" is Lesley's first album since giving up the day job to concentrate on music. Having been lucky enough to get an advance copy, I can vouch that musically at least it has paid off. As good as her previous records were, this one is a real step up. It is a bit pop, a bit country with a nice 70s Carole King sort of vibe throughout. As for the single, think stripped back "Heart of Glass".

The other new record is a compilation from the Polyvinyl label called "Stay Home". It's available exclusively on Bandcamp for as little as $5 (although they would like you to pay more if you can afford it). All proceeds go directly to the artists, many of whom have obviously been affected financially by the lockdown.

There are some relatively well-known names involved - the likes of Xiu Xiu, of Montreal and Pedro the Lion - but plenty of new ones for you to explore as well. I've picked a nice Karen Dalton cover by Palehound. While you are still on Bandcamp make sure to pick up her 2019 album "Black Friday". It's top notch stuff.

"Something On Your Mind" - Palehound

We have a video from Lesley to finish off with. A couple of years back she challenged herself to write a song a day for 30 days. This is one of them that ultimately made it on to "Big Time Baby".

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