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Friday 31 July 2020

From Far I to Faro

Until a couple of weeks ago I had never heard of Rachel Faro, then a happy accident happened and I'm now a devoted fan.

I was online trying to find out more about Risa Potters, a 1970s singer-songwriters who I have one song by but about whom I know nothing. I still don't but my search led me to an online forum in which someone was raving about Rachel's debut album "Refugees" which came out in 1974. I tracked it down and was soon raving too.

Ms Faro's subsequent career is a textbook definition of "interesting and varied", as her biography explains. After one more album she moved mostly into production, working with Latin, folk and blues artists and many more besides, which in turn led to her setting up her own label. I'm pleased to say she's still going strong. 

Here's a couple of songs from "Refugees", and a live performance of a song originally produced by Rachel (and now brought to you exclusively by DJ Neno),

"Smooth Sailing" - Rachel Faro

"Time Passes Slowly" - Rachel Faro

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