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Monday 27 July 2020

The Lad Thad

An old favourite of mine has finally made a long overdue return. Thad Cockrell's first album under his own name in eleven years - "If In Case You Feel The Same" - came out last month. You can pick up a digital copy on Bandcamp for as little as $7, where it is also available in a tasteful pink vinyl version.

It wasn't meant to be this long a wait. Thad originally started raising the money for the album through Pledge Music way back in 2016, and was one of those still waiting to receive the money he was due when it went into administration last year. He has now managed to finish the record and despite not receiving a penny has sent CD copies to all of us who pledged - presumably leaving himself out of pocket as a result. He's an honourable man.

Thad has long since moved on from the country sound of his first couple of albums. It's still there on "If In Case You Feel The Same" but there is plenty of pop, rock and gospel in the mix as well. If you go back to the beginning and then listen to 2009's "To Be Loved" and the albums he made as part of Leagues you can see how it has been a progression to this point. 

To help you do that, here is one from the first album, one from "To Be Loved" and - in the video - a live version of one of the highlights of the new album.

"How Far Can I Drive Tonight?" - Thad Cockrell & The Starlite Country Band

"Rosalyn" - Thad Cockrell

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  1. I keep meaning to pick upthe album he did with Caitlin Cary