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Sunday 12 July 2020

Single Song Sunday

Single Song Sunday has returned - I would like to say by popular demand but that may be pushing it a bit. Anyway, this time out we have James Taylor's "Fire And Rain". 

James's original version came out in 1970, reaching the Top 3 in the US, and almost instantly became a modern-day standard. Johnny Rivers and R.B. Greaves had minor hits with it in the same year, which is also when Blood, Sweat & Tears released their version. 

In 1971 there was a whole wave of cover versions from soul stars, and it was also when our Mandatory Reggae Version appeared - it's not the only MRV out there by any means, but it's my favourite.

We round things off with Willie Nelson, some 70s English rockers, some punks and a man called Stoner who released his version on an album called "Ain't Nothin' Freaky". He was right, but compared to the efforts of Dido, Marti Pellow and Cliff Richard his is positively unhinged. 

"Fire And Rain" - James Taylor

"Fire And Rain" - Blood, Sweat & Tears

"Fire And Rain" - The Isley Brothers

"Fire And Rain" - Gladys Knight & The Pips

"Fire And Rain" - Bobby Womack

"Fire And Rain" - The Gaylads 

"Fire And Rain" - Willie Nelson

"Fire And Rain" - Hookfoot

"Fire And Rain" - Me First And The Gimme Gimmes

"Fire And Rain" - Geoffrey Stoner


  1. Splendid, absolutely splendid. Isley's just pip that fantastic duo Whitaker&Leandros (Ms leandros looks as she is off her tits, mind you) The southern-boogie of Hookfott also very good.

    1. I know you are a fan of Vicki's and as I've had to rule her out of a forthcoming post on a technicality I thought I would pre-emptively make up for it now

  2. Hadn't heard that Isley Brothers version before. A great cover. Thank you.

    1. It's off their "Givin' It Back" album which also has covers of "Lay Lady Lay", "Ohio" and "Love The One You're With" on it. Obviously trying to get with the new scene I think.

    2. The Isley's Lay Lady Lay is over 10 minutes long. I am now recovering from hearing Duran Duran's cover of this song.

    3. One of the comments on the clip said Better Than The Original. I kid you not.