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Saturday 18 July 2020

Givin' It Back Again

Last weekend I featured various versions of James Taylor's "Fire and Rain" in the latest edition of our "Single Song Sunday" series.

There was a fair bit of enthusiasm for The Isley Brothers' version, which was on their 1971 album "Givin' It Back". It is an early example of the "covers album with tracks chosen to enhance the artistic credibility of the performer" genre, and still one of the very best. Its up there with "Russ Abbott's Krautrock Klassics" as far as I'm concerned.

Here are a couple more choice cuts from the album, one by Stephen Stills and the other by Neil Young (with a bit of something by an obscure former member of their tour band tucked in the middle).

"Love The One You're With" - The Isley Brothers

"Ohio/ Machine Gun" - The Isley Brothers

Other cover versions of "Love The One You're With" are available.