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Wednesday 2 December 2020

A Blast of Bessie

Bessie Banks is probably best known for having success snatched from her when those thieving bastards the Moody Blues recorded "Go Now" and their version soared up the charts instead of hers. 

But Bessie wasn't just some no hit wonder. Her recording career lasted on and off until the mid 1970s and he had stints with some reputable labels as Verve and Volt. Here are a couple of her 70s sides. Perhaps scarred by the experience of not charting with a very short song title, by then she was taking things to the other extreme.

"Try To Leave Me If You Can (I Bet You Can't Do It)" - Bessie Banks

"(Don't You Worry Baby) The Best Is Yet To Come" - Bessie Banks

I couldn't find any clips of Bessie in action but while I was searching I came across this reworking of "Go Now" by her son Kevin made in 2011. The great lady herself appears briefly at the beginning and end of the clip. If Wikipedia can be believed, and I sincerely hope it can, she is still with us at the tender age of 82.

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