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Friday 4 December 2020

More Bastards

Last weekend Charity Chic featured an album by the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash in his universally acclaimed "50 Americana Albums To Hear Before You Die" series. At the time, I was under the impression that I never had previously heard of them.

So imagine my surprise a few days later when I found a copy of their 2013 album "New Old Story" tucked away in my hard drive. I assume that I was sent a promo copy when it was released, downloaded it and then promptly forgot it was there.

Some entries in CC's series have provoked heated debate among some commentators (well, one commentator) about whether they were Americana or country. Personally I don't really care but I will say that, whatever they were when they started out, by 2013 the Bastard Sons were definitely country.

"Into The Blue" - Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash

"Well Worn Heart" - Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash may or may not have had bastard sons. He certainly had a bastard of a father though.


  1. I think Universally Acclaimed may be stretching it somewhat!

    1. Globally acclaimed? I'm sure the Martians will be digging it though.

    2. any sort of acclaim is stretching it! These Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash are damned fine country band, though

    3. I will respectfully disagree with you on the first point. On the second, you may want to check your emails