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Friday 18 December 2020

Bringing Tsonga Disco To The Masses

Longstanding readers may remember that when I started this blog I had a mission, which was to promote the popular music of the Tsonga people of South Africa and Mozambique. 

We have had some small-scale impact over the years with a handful of European DJs and American hipsters picking up on tracks and artists we featured here, and I still get regular requests from fans trying to track down their favourites. When Damon from Blur championed the uptempo version of Tsonga Disco known as Shangaan Electro there was a bigger flurry of interest, but it never conquered the world.

That may be about to change as the first crossover Tsonga pop star has arrived - Sho Madjozi, a rapper and singer who had a big viral hit last year with her tribute to wrestler John Cena, as a result of which she has recently been signed by Epic Records.

Sho has already been very proud of her Tsonga heritage. Her first album was called "Limpopo Champions League" - Limpopo being the province in South Africa where she is from and where most Tsonga people live - and for her latest, "What A Life", she has incorporated its music much more explicitly than before. She has roped in local artists to help, including a couple we have featured here.

Undoubtedly the biggest coup for Tsonga fans is the involvement of Dr. Thomas Chauke, generally acknowledged to be the founding father of Tsonga pop music. Here is their duet, followed by one of the Great Man's own hits.

"Shahumba" - Sho Madjozi (featuring Thomas Chauke)

"Na Twanana" - Thomas Chauke & Shinyori Sisters

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  1. Sho Madjozi & Thomas Chauke, even better than The Nolans!