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Monday 21 December 2020

His Name Is Luka

More from the excellent Sahel Sounds label. This time it is Mali's Luka Productions, real name Luka Guindo, described in the Bandcamp blurb as "one of Bamako's hardest working producers".   

That certainly seems to be the case, as Luka and his chums have put out three quality albums in the last four years: "Mali Kady" (2016), "Fasokan" (2017) and "Fataw" (2019). Here is one track from each in chronological order. 

You lot being a bunch of inveterate hipsters you will probably claim to prefer his early stuff just on a point of principle. But for me "Fataw" is probably the pick of the bunch, although they are all worth a listen.

"Kini i Djibuibo Alla La Kan" - Luka Productions

"Furu Boyan" - Luka Productions

"Sitanba" - Luka Productions