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Wednesday 9 December 2020

A Pogo in the Polders

I know you have all been crying out for some top notch Dutch punk from the 1970s. So here is a small selection from a compilation called "I Don't Care (Dutch Punk 1977-83)".

"Van Agt Casanova" is thought to be the first punk record in the Dutch language, while Tedje & De Flikkers were apparently a notorious live act, renowned for appearing in S&M gear or nothing at all.

But my favourite is Panic's paean to then recently deceased philosopher and probable Nazi Martin Heidegger, in which they pose the question "Is he in Heaven or is he in Hell?". Having been forced to wade through his "Being And Time" at university, my personal view is that Hell is too good for him.   

"Van Agt Casanova" - Paul Tornado

"Zwart Leer" - Tedje & De Flikkers

"Requiem for Martin Heidegger" - Panic

Back in my student days me and my mate Dave used to pass the time in boring philosophy lectures by coming up with Philosopher Top Tens. The song that inevitably topped the charts was The Tams with this brusque rejection of Hegel's concept of the "thing in itself".


  1. Those were the days... Never liked Tedje much, but the others are both bona fide classics.

    1. You are surely far too young to remember them?

  2. Not really, i was 14/15 at the time... Born in Holland, so I can actually understand what Paul Tornado's on about.

    1. I remembered your Dutch connection. My rusty Afrikaans helped me work out bits of it. We're about the same age and I was living in South Africa in the mid/late 70s. One day I'll bore you all with the story of my one local punk gig.