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Friday 29 January 2021

All Hail King Thad

We end the week with a rare good news story.

Regular readers may remember me enthusing about Thad Cockrell, most recently last year when his long overdue new album "If In Case You Feel The Same" was released. As I explained at the time, Thad was one of the artists left high, dry and out of pocket when Pledge Music collapsed, but despite having lost money himself honoured his commitments and sent all of us who had pledged a copy of the album.

By the time Thad was finally able to release the album the pandemic had arrived and he was unable to tour to promote it. So sustained was his run of bad luck that he contacted his management at the beginning of the month to tell them he was thinking of packing it in.    

Fortunately, fate intervened. Jimmy Fallon, host of the Tonight Show, happened to hear one of the tracks from "If In Case You Feel The Same" playing in a store, fell for it and instructed his people to track Thad down. All of which led to Thad performing the song on the Tonight Show on Tuesday this week. 

Since then, things have really taken off. The likes of Rolling Stone have picked up the story and the record is flying off the shelves. Hopefully it will encourage the new fans to check out his back catalogue too.   

It is nice to see that, every now and then, good things still happen to good people. To celebrate, here are a couple of oldies followed by the Tonight Show performance.

"Are You Still Missing Me?" - Thad Cockrell

"Pride (Won't Get Us Where We're Going)" - Thad Cockrell


  1. Gorgeous warm voice. Good on Jimmy Fallon for having him tracked down.

  2. A good news story for a change and well deserved.
    As you know I'm a fan of his stuff with Caitlin Cary