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Friday 15 January 2021

Turner's Turn

Today we have some Turner Cody for you. He normally gets bracketed with the Anti-Folk movement (or Antifo as they are presumably called by right-wing Americans), but he is distinctly country tinged.

If you are not familiar with his work I would recommend checking out his 2018 compilation album "The Great Shadow", on which you can find both of today's tracks. It is available on Bandcamp along with the rest of his extensive back catalogue.

"The Bright Side" - Turner Cody

"The Wee Wee Hours" - Turner Cody

Here are two more Turners for you to enjoy. The video features two of the worst haircuts you are ever likely to see.


  1. Do you mean Ike's plastic-pudding-bowl wig? Or the drummers collection of matt-black spaniel's ears on top of his head? Or that peculiar front-balding rear-hair-cascade of the guitarist?

    1. I was thinking of Ike and the drummer. The bassist's is bad but not groundbreakingly awful like the others.

  2. The girls more than make up for the haircuts of the men.